TripAdvisor reveals top-rated alternative restaurants

2019-07-22, Kathmandu

TripAdvisor revealed their most popular restaurants and great hidden-gem alternative restaurants on their top summer travel destinations on July 22. An interactive review based American company that helps users with accommodation bookings, restaurant reviews and other travel related content, TripAdvisor is one of the world’s largest ‘social travel sites’. They have around 760 million reviews covering approximately 8.3 million accommodations, airlines, restaurants and cruises worldwide.

TripAdvisor conducted a survey among its destination experts and prolific forum contributors to recommend great local alternative restaurants in popular summer travel destinations for the flexibility and convenience of travellers. These restaurants are easily reserved via the TripAdvisor app with an exceptional dining experience. A new ‘Nearby’ feed on TripAdvisor’s mobile app was introduced recently to help travellers discover local places to eat on a trip. Now, travellers can find great recommendations for nearby restaurants and view them on an interactive map more easily.

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