Trekking route to Dhaulagiri Base Camp repaired

2019-06-13, Beni

The trekking route has been repaired at the base camp of world’s 7th highest peak Dhaulagiri (8,167 mt) , Myagdi, Dhaulagiri Municipality 4. Infrastructure has been also expanded by making trails from risky pathway through the jungle. Ministry of Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment of Gandaki Province provided Rs 50 lakhs for the maintenance of trail from Naurabhir to Sallaghari. According to the Chairperson of the village municipality, 60 per cent of the road has been widened and 40 per cent of stone work has been completed.

Tourism Ministry of Federal Government generated Rs 15 lakhs of budget to repair trails from Italian camp to Swiss camp. Chairperson of Users Committee, Hari Prasad Tilija, said with the maintenance of this trekking route tourists can have an easier way to the Dhaulagiri Base Camp. According to the estimated budget, 1700 mt of trails should be repaired and from remaining budget about 1 km trail has been expanded.

The main attraction of this trekking route is the mountain views, atmosphere of the forest, waterfalls, glaciers, lakes and views of wild animals and birds like danfe, deer.

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