Training for drivers and helpers of tourist buses

2019-06-28, Pokhara

A training session was conducted for drivers and helpers of tourist buses in Pokhara. The training programme was organised by Tourism Transport Committee, Pokhara with support from Nepal Tourism Board (NTB). Since, drivers and helpers interact with tourists on a daily basis, this training was conducted for a purpose.

The programme focused on behavioural training, technical information as well as how to maintain great hospitality experiences. Mani Lamichhane, Director of NTB, Pokhara, said that the proper conduct of drivers and helpers are important, helping tourists build opinions on Nepal as a destination.

Chiranjibi Pokharel, Chairperson of Pokhara Tourism Council, said that employees of the transportation sector are key in tourism development to impress tourists. Nawaraj Adhikari, General Secretary of Tourism Transport Committee, Pokhara informed that four trainers delivered the training while 156 drivers and helpers participated.

During the training, Surya Thapaliya, Manager of NTB imparted knowledge on hospitality while Lokraj Bhandari, Assistant Inspector spoke on traffic rules. Sanjay Bista, In-charge of Sipradi Trading, Pokhara spoke about technical matters and further Dr Mukesh Mallik informed on health sensitivities in high altitudes.

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