International figure skating and ice hockey in Gokyo Lake

2020-02-07, Kathmandu

Nepal is hosting an international figure skating event and ice hockey match in Gokyo Lake (4,790m) on February 14.

Organising a press conference in Kathmandu on Thursday, VNY Secretariat said a new adventurous tourism product will be launched in February. The event will promote Nepal as a destination for winter and all seasons. According to the Secretariat, it will feature players from various countries like the USA, Canada, India, and Switzerland among others.

According to Suraj Vaidya, the national programme coordinator for the VNY 2020, the launch of the event will also mark the first-ever introduction of the ice rink in Nepal. Moreover, it is going to be the highest ice rink in the world. “The ownership of local people in the event will play an important role to sustain tourism even during the current off-season,” he said.

“Everest region lakes are frozen from December to March. But, Gokyo Lake ice hockey competition in this period can promote mountain tourism in Nepal. A team of experts from the US had studied the event venue in December,” Vaidya said.


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