Proposal for recognition of tourist destination and homestay

2019-09-25, Kavrepalanchok

The District Coordination Committee, Kavrepalanchok has submitted proposal to the Ministry of Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment in the province 3 recommending two locations as a tourist destination and homestay. Head of the District Coordination Committee, Uddhav KC, said that the recommendation was made to develop Basuki Thumka of Banepa Municipality 12 as a tourist destination and to develop Magar Gaon of Panauti Municipality 12 as a homestay as per the demand from the ministry.

According to him, the ministry demanded a proposal to promote tourism destinations of 10 districts outside valley targetting Visit Nepal Year 2020. Basuki Thumka has three historic caves and the 14 mountains to the north can easily be seen, said Chief KC. He said that since Magar Gaon is a beautiful, picturesque town located in Panauti, it is recommended to develop it as a homestay with the expectation of increasing tourist attractions both internally and externally.

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