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2020-01-28, Kathmandu

Located in the heart of Kathmandu, Thamel has been a popular place to crash after a long tiring flight. For the last four decades, it has been the hottest spot for tourism. It converses with different cultures and ways of living. Grabbing the limelight with affordable hotels and busy nightlife, the narrow streets of Thamel are full of new experiences and possibilities.

The streets of Thamel have always been crowded, yet full of life. When the sun falls, this part of the town comes to life. It is also a perfect place to look for souvenirs to bring home for your loved ones. Thamel is known for its high-quality pashminas and exotic thanka paintings. Besides thankas and pashminas, one can find common commodities such as fresh vegetables, food, pastries and groceries as well as gears for trekking, cycling, rental bikes, rickshaws and cab.  

Tourists in Thamel

Kedar Parajuli has been active in the handicraft business for almost over 25 years in JP Street, Chettrapati. “The earthquake of 2015 hit the tourism industry quite hard, resulting in the business to go down,” Parajuli remarked. “There was a time when these streets of Thamel used to be flooded with tourists from several nationalities. The business used to be relatively higher. However nowadays, there has been a serious decline in tourists’ flow,” he added.

Anil Rajak has been providing trekking gears, trekking jackets, and local t-shirts. His nephew Shyam Rajak looked over his shop when he was out for some legal endeavours.

“All of our customers are foreign and we mostly don’t get any local customer. We have got adequate number of t-shirts promoting Visit Nepal 2020″ Shyam Rajak said. “We get customers mostly from the Tibet Guest House. Foreigners love handcrafted t-shirts rather than branded wears. We provide sleeping bags on rent as well,” he added. 

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Bikash Shrestha has been a part of the Nepali paper script and thanka business for almost 37 years. He has been producing prints on Nepali paper depicting different deities. Along with prints, Shrestha’s Nepali paper lanterns are also gaining mass popularity. “The month of December and January is an off-season for us,” says Shrestha.

“Although its an off-season, there has been a relatively high number of tourists coming here,” Shrestha added thoughtfully. “We have tried to expand our business with the sheer expectation of Visit Nepal 2020. We hope we will get to expand and reach many curious tourists who come to explore our country,” he added.

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