Makalu Barun Hotel introduced food menu for trekkers

2020-02-04, Itahari

Makalu Barun Hotel, the only hotel chain along the 15-day trek route from Num, has introduced its food menu for the first time.  

The professionalism of hotels and tea houses were often questioned for not having any food menu, said Dawa Chhiring Sherpa. Sherpa is the owner of Makalu Barun Hotel. He further added, “We introduced the menu to provide professional service, as MBC trek has been playing an important role to establish hotels and tea houses in the last half-decade. Soon, the administration of Makalu Barun Hotel will convert old farmhouses and tea houses into hotels.”

According to Sherpa, one of the hotels under his hotel chain can accommodate up to 30 trekkers for a night. The cost of food and accommodation for a day is around Rs 3000 for each individual.

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