Jeep safari in Chitwan National Park will be closed

2019-07-01, Chitwan

Ved Kumar Dhakal, Chief Conservation Officer of Chitwan National Park said that the jeep safari will be shut down from July 6 onward due to the start of monsoon. He said that the condition of the road is not good enough to continue services, muddy and bumpy roads and the growth of dense bushes are the reasons behind the shutdown of the service.

Regularly, 32 jeeps from Sauraha, 15 from Kasara, 15 from Bhimle, and 7 from Amaltari enter the national park with tourists to observe the scenic beauty of the national park. Every jeep has to pay revenue of Rs 5000 for the entrance where Nepali citizens have to pay Rs 150, tourists from SAARC countries have to pay Rs 1000 and tourists from other countries have to pay Rs 2000 for the safari.

According to Dhakal, after conducting the maintenance work of the inner road, the jeep will be allowed to operate again before Dashain. Rs 27 crore has been earned this year till May from jeep safari.

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