State-5 put conservation of Shivagadhi on top priority

2020-02-07, Chandrota

State-5 Ministry of Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment has put the conservation about Shivagadhi on top priority. Shivagadhi is a historical and religious tourism area of Kapilvastu. 

State-5 Minister for Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment Leela Giri made an onsite inspection of the area on Thursday. He shared, “The state government has forwarded a plan to develop the historical site as a tourist destination. It will construct a trekking route to reach Swargadwari of Pyuthan, Supadeurali of Arghakhanchi and Ridi of Gulmi from Shivagadhi.” 

Likewise, Chairperson of State Industry Tourism Committee Dadhiram Neupane highlighted the need to create a tourist-friendly environment. 

One can reach Shivagadhi after 2 hours of trekking from Shivaraj Municipality-1, Dhankhola. The scenic beauty of the area has high potentials to draw tourists. Besides, it is believed to be a historical citadel constructed to fight against the British Empire. 


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