Government monitoring all quarantine facilities

2020-04-10, Kathmandu

Minister of State for Urban Development, Rambir Manandhar has informed that the Ministry has started monitoring and conducting the required coordination of all quarantine facilities set up throughout the country.

A meeting of the Council of Ministers on March 29 approved the quarantine operation and management standard. It had also assigned Minister of State Manandhar and Minister of State for Health Nawaraj Rawat the responsibility of monitoring and facilitating the quarantines.

A ministry-level meeting of the Ministry of Urban Development Ministry has deputed the ministry’s joint secretary Nawaraj Pyakurel and Chief of the Federal Secretariat’s construction and management office, joint secretary Kumar Prasad Ghimire, with the two-state ministers’ monitoring team.

Minister of State Manandhar has called for the efficient management and operation of the quarantine facilities set up by the 753 local levels in all 77 districts across the country.

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