Belarus celebrates 2nd Minsk International Circus Arts Festival

2019-09-23, XINHUA(RSS)

Circus art in Belarus traces its roots back to the late 19th century. But before that the country had lots of European travelling circuses or show groups. The International Circus Arts Festival was organised last year for the first time during the month of September. But this year the festival started from September 22 and will continue till September 29. Many performers from various countries will compete for the medals of the 2nd Minsk international circus art festival.

Minsk has gathered more than 100 circus artists, including performers from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan , Uzbekistan, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Romania, Germany, Australia, Vietnam, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Egypt, Ethiopia, and the United States. During the festival, a trainer performed with tigers at the 2nd Minsk International Circus Arts Festival in Minsk, Belarus on September 22.

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